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Since its establishment in September 2007, Navtech Marine Services has been engaged in offshore marine support services. All of the company’s activities are geared towards maintaining a uniform level of quality with respect to the services that it offers.

To attain this level of quality, Navtech Marine Services has to maintain high levels of staff skills, provide motivation, and continually improve its methods to maximize the use of resources with nil/minimum damage to the environment, never exceeding the limits as set out by International/ local/ contractual regulations, laws and clauses.

The company’s activities are devoted to operations at sea which is a hostile environment. Therefore, performance of services to the required quality standard calls for, on the part of the personnel, good health, skills and personal motivation, and from the Management, the necessary back-up thereto in terms of adequate equipment, safe working conditions and proper training.

The company herein declares its commitment to a HSQE Policy, its readiness to adopt the relevant organization and to commit the required resources to achieve its stated goals. It calls upon all its staff members to adhere to the company’ Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policies and to implement it.

I am, as President, responsible for implementing the provisions of our manuals, to assess its effectiveness, and to ensure constant feedback so that we evolve in ways compatible with the corporate objectives of Navtech Marine Services.

I call upon every member of the staff to share in the commitment that I hereby enter into on behalf of Navtech Marine Services to implement the NAVTEC HSQE Management System and objectives as expressed in our policy and asscociated manual.

Jacques Desplaces
Managing Partner

HSQE Policy
  • Navtec is committed to provide safe practices in Ship Operations and continually improve the skills of its personnel ashore and on board.
  • All legal, mandatory and contractual (other) requirements for safety and pollution prevention as well as for the commercial operation of the company shall be adhered to strictly.
  • All accidents/discharge of objectionable matter (exhaust gases with hazardous composition, hazardous liquid & solid wastes) can be prevented. Preparedness for emergencies by drills is the key.
  • Working safely while protecting the environment is a condition of employment.
  • Training is essential to a successful Health/ Safety/Quality / Environmental control program.
  • The company is committed to preventing accidents, establishing safeguards for identified risks, preventing pollution and prosper further by continual improvement.
  • The company HSQE objectives are clearly stated in the manual and they shall be adhered to by all members of the organization.
  • The Company shall consider applicable codes, guidelines, laws and standards for setting objectives and targets which must be reviewed every year for technological improvement, while equal consideration shall be given to financial, operational and business requirements of the company.
  • Management is responsible for considering significant HSQE aspects and providing necessary resources including a safe work place and procedures/code for safety and environmental management.
  • Line supervision is accountable for the actions of their subordinates.
  • Navtec is committed to enhance customer satisfaction by continually improving its business processes.
  • Employees are responsible for preventing injuries to themselves, co-workers, the vessel, client’s facilities (like oilfields/rigs/other vessels) and the environment.
  • This policy shall be made available to all interested parties including public, upon receipt of their request.

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